Who we are?

About us

Keylink IT Solution. was Established in 1998 and since this date has been the forefront of software companies for over 12 years With a heritage for excellence and innovation, we have worked hard to become the voice productivity market leader and we now supply our software across Saudi Arabia With our next generation software package, we believe we are truly pushing the boundaries of workflow technology. Keylink software can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, supporting your business and enabling you to optimise performance. Unlike our competitors, Keylink provide a complete IT solution. We offer consultancy, project management, integration, development, training and technical support. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure you’re comfortable with the software and maximising its potential.

With a view to keeping abreast of the rapid changes in information technology, Keylink is committed to deliver quality solutions to the varying information technology demands. We have invested in a development centre in Cairo - Egypt to cater to the growing demand for world class IT solutions. In this development centre we are developing packaged software solutions and customized software solutions for our esteemed clients Business concept.

1- Keylink IT Solution. is committed to providing businesses with dynamic business application software and innovative software tools for developing, deploying, and maintaining business application software. Our mission is to provide our customers with software products that facilitate the creation of a significant competitive advantage.

2- We believe that business application software should do more than simple accounting functions. We believe that business application software should provide a significant competitive advantage. This can only be accomplished if the software can be adapted to the specific needs of the business. We believe that business software should facilitate the implementation of corporate policy and business plans. Business software should allow a company to quickly respond to ever-changing market conditions and business requirements of conducting business in the technology age. Software should be responsive to the needs of the organization. Business applications developed with Keylink meet this standard. Keylink enables a company to quickly develop and deploy full-featured business applications that are readily extensible and easily maintainable thereby providing a significant competitive advantage.

We have carefully built our business model over twelve years of supplying leading edge technology. It is no coincidence our considered approach, and our partnership with the Hights world technology Oracle has now made us market leader. We passionately believe that this combination of market leading technology and organisational strength give us a unique ability to satisfy the needs of large or small organisations. We are not the only software house in Saudi Arabia Market but we believe that we have all possibilities to remain on top in this area to supply direct to trading Companies, hospitals or corporations and to offer a premium project management and technical support service. We are a unique one-stop shop ‘total solution’ provider. As a result we are the one to offer you integrated solutions in all matters relating to the field of information technology.

The Keylink team is motivated, knowledgeable and posses a high degree of business acumen. These are the recipes that have formulated Keylink into an innovative and knowledgeable company. Thorough professionals, with authority in the technologies they handle, the members of our team have immense experience and training backing them to meet client’s demands. The team at Keylink is adept at delivering results under tight schedules and constraints of time.

Our History

  • 1998


    Keylink is founded in Jeddah - Saudi Arabia. From the very beginning the company establishes client–orientation and attraction of best IT talents to be the most critical values in determining its success. Mission.

  • 2000


    ATLAST application is released as the fully ERP integrated system Was developed based on Oracle technology and using Oracle databases and in line with the Saudi market and covers all its variables.

  • 2002


    The second version of ATLAST to keep pace with the changes that have taken place and keep pace with technological development and improve the capacity of companies to reach the best results.

  • 2004


    Established POS in order to meet the growing demand in the Saudi market for such kind of software that facilitate the operations of retail, covering a large sector of business, the software has a feature connectivity and compatible with ATLAST ERP software.

  • 2006


    First release of the MEDI-SOFT hospital management system ‘covering all the needs of this kind of work with all the complexities and requirements and in harmony with the needs of the Saudi market and the medical insurance system in all it’s components.

  • 2007


    Established MEDI-SOFT Light software in order to cover the needs of polyclinics and medical clinics small and medium sized of organizations ‘according to modern standard and compatible with systems of medical insurance companies.

  • 2008


    Established ATLAST Light software to cover Need of the companies and Enterprises of small and medium size of accounting software and inventory management systems, payable and receivable that are commensurate with the potential of such companies and the quality of their budgets and not carrying extra cost and the achievement of its administration easily.

  • 2009


    1-  The second version of MEDI-SOFT program for hospital management system, which is a quantum leap into the software the top of the quality of such programs and the advantage of achieving the difficult equation between it combines Oracle's global technology and ease of use, application and mechanism of each step of the patient within the medical facility from the moment you open the patient file through the electronic medical file for patients and electronic laboratory and radiology and the end to the issuance of claims in electronic.

    2- Oracle Partnership Which is the culmination of the performance of the company and its staff for the effort over the years we spent in the service of the Saudi market to come to the partnership with Oracle Corporation to confirm that we are on the right track and that our best effort was an octagon and this partnership allows us to take advantage of the latest technology exists in the world at the moment through the Oracle Corporation and put it in the service of our customers in the Arab world.

Our Future Plans

  • Infinity ERP technology of the future and the new generation of ERP software that fit in the giant companies and multinational companies and companies with branch offices around the world, a developer using the latest technology from Oracle Corp, which is available in our market and had been developed in collaboration with the center for development and support in Cairo – Egypt.

  • Infinity HMS is a new hospital management system from keylink and intended to be the first version of it available in the markets in the second half of 2010. The software is a revolution in the field of hospital management system software covering all the needs of hospitals the enormous size and multiple departments and provide innovative new services are in such kind of programs and keylink is betting that this program will become a dominant player in this area during the five years.