ATLAST - Light

ATLAST - Light

ATLAST light is version of a ATLAST ERP relevant to medium companies and small-sized enterprises, where it provides the solutions required to manage the business, commensurate with the cost of acquisition this type of software under what does not cost budgets this kind of facilities at a cost of over-stretched and supports the plans in the area of information technology.

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Our software combined between strength and advanced technology and the advantage of simplicity and ease of use is an example of how to adapt the advanced technology to become accessible to the common user

Our software are sold as units separate and independent and capable of connecting with each other, achieving the benefits to each company and asks them to appropriate financial return you get from the services does not take the responsibility of companies to bear the cost of purchasing software is not absolutely need it or for the time being at least.

All of our programs that support multiple languages and so easy to accommodate all users of programs and work on them without effort, as well as all the reports in our programs can be obtained more than one language in order to match the facilities, which employs many nationalities.

We are in our applications using Oracle tools which is considered One of the largest company in the field of reliability of the databases, which rely on governments and major international companies and banks and organizations around the world.

We offer our customers support service through the team of experts working around the clock to provide our customers with support through the Support Unit via the Internet for emergency services and we offer support for our customers through our support center in the main unit in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia as well as the status of approved and development of our Support Center in Cairo - Egypt.

  • Powerful yet simple.

  • Product pricing and availability.

  • Multilingual.

  • Oracle Technology.

  • Help & support.